Custom design silver jewelry made easy!

Unleash your creative side and let Binar Silver produce your own design: from your sketch to final product in silver. Not sure about your design idea or concept? Just let us produce a prototype first: a handmade silver sample, a CAD model 3D printed in resin or a waxed carved master ready for casting. We’ll keep in touch with you to evaluate, test and revise along the way.

Our services consists of the following production steps and workflows:

  • Sketch: just sent your drawing or a rough sketch, and we’ll take care of the rest!
  • 3D CAD Model: we can create a CAD model based on your sketch, a computer generated model is most suitable for highly detailed designs.
  • 3D Printing: we can 3D print the CAD model using a liquid resin in very high resolution, suitable for direct casting.
  • Wax Carving: we can create a handcarved wax model of your design, very suitable for organic designs.
  • Mold Making: we can make a silicone rubber mold of the master object, making it possible to recreate your design for mass production.
  • Wax Injection: we can inject your silicone mold with injection wax to duplicate your design making it ready for casting.
  • Casting: we can produce your master or prototype design in 925 silver using the investment casting process.
  • Finishing: we can use multiple procedures for cleaning the final design and apply special techniques like oxidation for that authentic look.
  • Laser Engraving: we can optionally engrave or deep mark the master object using a high power laser for ultra precision.

For more information or to go over your project, feel free to contact us today!

Sketch ~ 3D Model ~ 3D Print ~ Wax Carving ~ Mold Making ~ Wax Injection ~ Casting ~ Finishing ~ Laser Engraving