Bring your design ideas to life: you design it, we create it!

Binar Silver Jewelry loves assisting you with your jewelry creations: whether you need one unique piece or hundreds, we can assist you with bringing your custom design to life!

Our factory in Bali is equipped to help you create your dream silver jewelry designs from start to finish. Or to help you at any stage in the process where you need an expert to complete your project.

Our skilled craftspeople specialize in every step of the jewelry-making process. From taking your original sketch and transforming it into a 3D CAD Model, to printing your 3D Model, our specialists will make sure your design is handled with expert care.

Even if you already have a CAD Model, we can help you through the 3D Printing and Casting steps to take your designs to completion. If you already have a Rubber Mold of your design, we will handle the Wax Injection and Casting process for you, or we can create a Silicone Mold for you as well.

Our artisans are also skilled in Wax Carving. If you have a sketch of your dream piece of jewelry, we can create a carved wax model and bring your jewelry through the Casting process.

Once your jewelry making is complete, our Finishing process will put the final touches on your piece to bring out that dazzle and eye-catching sparkle.

Contact us today for more information and to go over your project.

Don’t forget to stop by our Showroom to see our work for yourself. You may find a gift for that special someone or that unique piece you’ve been searching for!

Sketch ~ 3D Model ~ 3D Print ~ Wax Carving ~ Mold Making ~ Wax Injection ~ Casting ~ Finishing ~ Laser Engraving