Here at Binar Silver we also use a process called Mold Making to create your final design in silver. We can create the mold based on the 3D Printed resin model of your sketch. Or you can provide us with a master model made from either silver, wax, or resin. From that model, we create a liquid silicone rubber mold.

Silicone molds have a long production life, 0% shrinkage, and can handle high-temperature injection waxes. These molds are perfect for producing multiple quantities of a single design.

We use precise measurements to create the mold. We place the master model in the mold box, then pour the liquid silicone over it, sealing it. Once the silicone hardens, the craftsperson delicately slices the mold in half using an Exacto knife tool, carefully making sure we release the master with all the molded details intact.

Once this process is complete, the mold is ready for the Wax Injection. If you need multiple copies of your design, this is the perfect process for your project.

Sketch ~ 3D Model ~ 3D Print ~ Wax Carving ~ Mold Making ~ Wax Injection ~ Casting ~ Finishing ~ Laser Engraving