Let’s make your dream piece of jewelry come true.

Our experts can create a 3D CAD (Computer-aided design) Model that will take your sketch or drawing from a one-dimensional image to a 3D representation of your unique design.

Your design will go through a series of complex models on screen under a strict step-by-step process until we create the perfect 3D representation that includes the most delicate details of your design. Our CAD specialist can see what your piece will look like once it’s finished at the end of this process.

We can even send a rendered image of the 3D Model to you for approval and, if necessary, make some adjustments very quickly and easily!

Once the CAD artist is satisfied that your design is complete, they will move it to the next step by creating a 3D Print in liquid resin. The printed model serves as a master model which is suitable to create a silicone mold or directly a silver prototype using investment casting.

Sketch ~ 3D Model ~ 3D Print ~ Wax Carving ~ Mold Making ~ Wax Injection ~ Casting ~ Finishing ~ Laser Engraving