Wax carved jewelry, useful for quick prototyping or mold creation for casting production.

We can create wax models for you: based on your sample model or a drawing/picture we can produce your design in a high quality and detailed wax model. This way it’s easier and cheaper to create your own custom jewelry, giving you the opportunity to explore your creativity!

With the wax master model we can make a unique sample made from .925 silver. But we can also make a rubber casting mold first so you’re directly ready for lost-wax-casting production, which is a way to easily create a prototype or reproduce a design in higher quantities.

Price per wax design including the mold is about $25 – $50 per style, depending on the complexity of the design. And we can already reproduce your custom design starting only from 5 pcs/pairs per style, making it very accessible for you to start designing your own jewelry!

For more information about custom designs, wax carving and casting, please contact us.