Showroom & Factory

The Factory

The factory of Binar Silver is located in Denpasar, the capital city of Bali. On average we have around ten silversmith working daily to produce silver jewelry, beads, chains or other orders.

We pick our workers based on their skills, therefore our team is a very mixed group of people with different religions (Hindus, Muslims and Christians), different ages (from 18 to 68 years!), and at this moment about half our team consists of woman.

We produce everything ourselves and we have the best suppliers for gemstones and semi-precious stones. Special services like lost-wax-casting or crafting sea shells, cow bones or coconut/wood are provided by professional local suppliers.

The Showroom

We don't have a 'normal' shop, but next to our factory we have a small showroom with some ready stock.

Not all styles which you see on this website are available in the showroom but on average the showroom collection contains around 500 styles of silver jewelry and Balinese beads on display.

If you'd like, we can show you around the factory and show some of the production process of making silver jewelry,

and you can even meet some of the people who made your jewelry!

Our showroom is air-conditioned, a free drink is provided and of course you can directly bring everything what you buy so you save on shipping costs.

Want to visit?

You're always welcome to visit our showroom and/or factory, however, we appreciate it if you let us know in advance when you visit us, just give us a call or send an email.

It's best to ask your (taxi)driver if he knows our address before departure, this to prevent a 'drive around the city'. Click here for a map with directions to our showroom and factory.

If you have any questions please contact us.